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Excess Inventory & Asset Evaluation

Plan B Distribution follows a number of steps to help your business with its dead or surplus inventory. Step one in our process is the evaluation of the assets and inventory you have.

While evaluating inventory sounds simple, there are a lot of variables that need to be considered. This includes:

  • What is the product?
  • What is the volume of your inventory?
  • Is the inventory a known brand?
  • Is the product new or used?
  • Is the inventory marked?
  • What is the location of the merchandise?

What type of inventory do you have?

When you send us your most accurate inventory listing with quantities and samples, we can give you the best possible price. We suggest you use Microsoft Excel to create the list and identify different types of inventory within your lot, including the type, quantity, UPC or ISBN, price, and any other identifying information. We work with a number of different industries.

How much will we purchase?

Whatever the size (2,500 to 10,000,000+ units), Plan B Distribution is interested in purchasing any overstocksyou might have. We are also interested in having an ongoing relationship, where we purchase a product from you on a regular basis, every month, or a few times a year.

Putting a Valuation on Your Inventory

We make you an offer within 24-72 hours. That’s our guarantee!

Plan B Distribution will complete an asset valuation analysis of your inventory based on current industry and market conditions. The final analysis provides an estimated price value, defining your inventory as re-sellable, marketable product.

What happens to your inventory?

As part of our purchase of your inventory, we discuss the best possible options for your product (on an individual product basis if necessary), and arrange all logistics and shipping.

Where does your inventory go?

We “sanitize” acquired inventories when they are shipped to one of our warehouses. This means we remove any marks of origin, price tags, or other information and prepare the product for distribution. Plan B Distribution handles all the logistics of our transaction, which saves you time and money. When necessary, we also handle any storage of the inventory before we move it to our secondary channels.

Plan B Distribution is the fastest growing privately held wholesaler of excess inventory & overstock. Contact us today for our help with buying or selling inventory! We work with you – not against you.

What are the terms of our purchase of your inventory?

We purchase anything and everything on a one-way basis, as-is, hassle-free, with no returns. When we make an offer, we always intend to buy all you have of the item. We want our company to become your long-term partner in the management and movement to secondary channels of obsolete, overstock, or closeout inventories.

What are Plan B Distribution’s distribution channels?

We have a variety of distinctive relationships with retailers including alternative channels and wholesale distributors. We sell to many dollar discount chains, major retailers, warehouse clubs, and distributors nationally and internationally. Once we have your inventory and have clarified redistribution restrictions, we begin shipping to our distribution channels.

Where will my inventory end up?

We are happy to discuss this with you in detail if you have concerns about where your inventory will end up. We do not, however, disclose all our clients publicly because we value the relationships we have with them just as we value yours.

When do I receive payment?

You receive prompt payment once we have determined the value of your inventory and shipped it to our warehouse for confirmation.

How much will we pay for your inventory?

We look at a variety of factors which contribute to the value of your inventory including amount, quantity, and market conditions. The price depends upon the type of inventory.

How will I get paid for my inventory?

It’s pretty simple to work with us. You receive a check drawn on our company accounts for the full agreed-upon amount of our purchase. That’s it!

We want you to have a great experience and continue to do business with us. Talk to our experienced sales staff about how we can move your inventory.