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Plan B Distribution Will Buy What Your Company Cannot Sell

Plan B Distribution specializes in buying excess inventory, closeouts, and overstocks from companies and moving them into secondary channels which do not interfere with our customers’ primary sales channels. Our mission is to provide you with a valuable service and help your company’s bottom line.

We encourage you to come to us with product that you are no longer interested in selling through your normal channels. Contact Plan B Distribution today.

We are interested in purchasing any excess inventory or overstocks you might have, regardless of size – from as little as 2,500 units to 5,000,000+ units. We even want your product for which the license has or is about to expire.

How Plan B Distribution Works

Anything and everything we purchase is bought on a one-way basis, as-is, hassle-free, with no returns. When we make an offer, we always intend to buy everything you have of the item.

We never interfere with a customer’s sales or marketing efforts. We adhere to mutual agreements resulting in no channel conflicts. We are not competition. We provide a valuable service to our partners, and many of our customers have worked with us for years. We appreciate ongoing relationships, where we purchase a product on a regular basis, every month or a few times a year.